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Biology Think Tank, a creative space for biologists and the non-scientific community to come together to better appreciate, understand, and discuss the biological sciences is looking for guest bloggers from far and wide to share their research, report research of other labs, or to share personal stories related to the biological sciences.

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to share their research or to share their opinion or insight on the biological sciences. It is especially useful for students who are free to share any and all updates regarding their academic research.  

Writing for Biology Think Tank is a great resume builder and provides an opportunity to be seen by the scientific community and industry, as well as, the general population who may have an interest in keeping up with the status of biological research.

Guest Blogging Requirements

New news!  We want news straight from the academic journals or straight from the labs.  Biology Think Tank capitalizes on shining direct light on the people behind the research. If you are reporting your own research, GREAT!

Quality…. We publish once a week.  That means the article for that week must be top quality and worth a week’s worth of readers.  Make it fun and interesting but also factually correct and very detailed.

Longer articles are always better.  Articles over 1000 words are the most ideal as this is preferred by readers and will place higher on the search engines.  Aside from that, you can better explain things in more words than less.

Share! Share! Share!  Biology Think Tank is a very social site.  Share your posts on social media.  Start up a conversation over it.  And respond to comments about your post as it helps foster further conversation.

If you’re interested in writing for Biology Think Tank, fill out the following Google Form, and you’ll receive a response shortly!

Guest Post on Biology Think Tank

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